What Insurance Does a Massage Therapist Need?

Massage therapists use specialist massage techniques to help patients recover from injuries, or to manage chronic conditions.

It’s a highly skilled role that brings many risks to both the therapist and their patients. So if you’re a massage therapist, it’s essential you get adequate insurance cover to help you manage the risks you’ll face in your work.

In this post we’ll list some of the key insurance products you might consider as a massage therapist.

What insurance does a massage therapist need?

Medical Malpractice Insurance, or Treatment Risk Insurance

Medical malpractice and treatment risk insurance will cover you for any claims arising from mistakes you might make as a massage therapist.

For example:

  • You accidentally injure a patient while performing a massage.
  • A patient has an allergic reaction to a product you use as part of their treatment.
  • Your patient is dissatisfied with your service, and claims that you’ve made their condition worse.

In each case, the patient may choose to take legal action against you. Medical malpractice and treatment risk insurance can then cover all of your legal costs, as well as any financial settlements your patient may be due.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is like medical malpractice insurance, in that it can cover legal costs and settlement fees should you ever make a mistake in your work, causing a patient to take action against you.

But unlike medical malpractice or treatment risk insurance, professional indemnity insurance will cover you for the aspects of your business that aren’t related to the treatments you provide. This could include claims related to negligence or dishonesty allegations, defamation, intellectual property infringement, and information security and data privacy.

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Contents Insurance

As a massage therapist, you’ll chiefly work with your hands. But you’ll still rely on a lot of equipment to run your business and provide your therapy. This might include your massage table, any cushions you use to position patients, lotions, and other products you might use as part of your therapy. You’ll also probably use a lot of tech to make appointments and manage your operations, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Contents insurance can cover you if any of this equipment’s ever lost, damaged, or stolen. That way, you’ll be able to instantly replace any necessary tools of the trade, so you’ll be able to continue operating no matter what happens.

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Buildings Insurance

If you have your own premises, buildings insurance can cover you for the costs associated with fire, flood, and theft.

You can also get business interruption insurance to cover you for any loss of income you might experience if your business premises are ever compromised or inaccessible.

Finally, if you employ anyone else as part of your massage therapy business – whether that’s a secretary, an accountant, a receptionist, or any other masseuses – then you have  legal obligation to get employer’s liability insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Some massage therapists visit patients in their own homes, or even provide therapy from their own homes.

Public liability insurance will cover you if anyone injures themselves, or damages their possessions, while visiting your premises. And crucially, it will also cover you if you cause any damage or injuries while visiting patients at their homes.

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Tailored Insurance For Massage Therapists From Tapoly

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