What Insurance do Beauty Therapists Need?

If you’re a beauty therapist of any kind you’ll need dedicated insurance to protect you and your clients from on-the-job risks. In this post we’ll explore the types of claims a beauty therapist might encounter, and the type of insurance that’ll keep you covered.

If you’re a beauty therapist you’ll need specialist insurance

What Sort of Insurance Claims do Beauty Therapists Face?

You’ll face different risks depending on the type of work you do as a beauty therapist. But here are the sort of scenarios in which a beauty therapist might have to make a claim on insurance:

  • Damage to property. If you do home visits, it’s all too easy to spill a jar of nail polish, or even a cup of coffee, on a client’s carpet. You might also spoil a bride’s big day by spilling something on her dress. These things happen! But when they do, your clients might make a claim for the damage you caused to their property.
  • Loss or theft. No beauty therapist can work without their equipment – whether it’s a makeup palette, some specialist beauticians tools, or even your smartphone and laptop. If anything happened to any of this equipment – if any of it were lost, damaged, or stolen – would you be able to afford replacements?
  • Accident, injury, and illness. If you fall ill or get put out of action by an injury, you might not be able to work. And as self-employed people don’t get statutory sick pay, how would you get by if you cannot work? Plus, all beauty therapists have to take care not to injure their clients. You might burn a client while straightening their hair, or cause an allergic reaction through using the wrong product.

What Insurance Do Beauty Therapists Need?

So you understand the risks of your work. What sort of insurance will help you manage these risks?

  • Public liability insurance. This will cover you for any accidents you cause while working with clients, such as spillages. This is also essential cover for beauty therapists working from home, as it can cover incidents that take place when clients visit you at your premises. Learn more about public liability insurance for beauty treatments.
  • Contents Insurance. Cover for the essential tools of the trade. If any of your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, contents insurance can cover you for repairs and replacements. In this way, you’ll be able to continue working, no matter what happens. Learn more about office contents insurance.
  • Personal accident. This sort of cover can give you a lump sum payment if you’re ever unable to work due to an accident or injury. Learn more about personal accident insurance.
  • Treatment liability insurance. This provides more substantial cover than a standard public liability insurance policy. It’ll cover you should you ever accidentally injure a client while providing your beauty treatments. Learn more about treatment liability insurance.

Beyond this, the type of cover you need will depend on your circumstances. If you hire any employees, for example, then you’ll have a legal obligation to get employer’s liability insurance. This will cover your employees for any workplace accidents and injuries.

If you work from dedicated business premises, then you’ll need building insurance and business interruption insurance. These will cover you for any repairs you might need to make to your premises following fire, flood and theft, and for any loss of income you might suffer during your downtime.

Bespoke Insurance for Beauty Therapists

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