Do Yoga and Wellbeing professionals need insurance?

Yoga and Pilates Instructors are wellbeing professionals. You want to maintain the highest professional standards so that your students keep coming back.

Your customers can have different levels of fitness and ability when they start and may develop at different rates. Your skill at helping them achieve their goals safely is the reason they come.

Part time or full time, your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and their satisfaction is key.

You know there are some risks in your business, and you have a responsibility to and for your students. Nowadays, if things go wrong then you could face claims for an injury you caused or failed to prevent.

The potential claims you face may be based on the facilities you use or the instruction that you provided. The claim may allege that these have caused an injury or dissatisfaction.

Even though it is unlikely, any claim is always very stressful. It will involve a lot of mental anxiety and hurt – apart from the injury your student has suffered.

Insurance is a dreary and complex subject which sometimes get a bad press. However, it is an effective way of minimising the financial impact to your business if something goes wrong.

In the worst case, a personal claim against you could result in your home or other assets being at risk.

Therefore, insurance is almost an absolute must!

For a relatively low premium the risk of a claim against you is shared across the community of wellbeing professionals.

The right insurance will reduce the stress of financial worry and mitigate any legal fees. It will also meet any compensation you need to pay if a claim is successful.

Every exercise and client has different risks.

What insurance do Wellbeing Professionals need?

There are three key insurance covers to consider:

  1. Public Liability. Public Liability insurance protects you if a customer or member of the public injures themselves on your course. It can also cover damages to their possessions while they are at your class.
  2. Employer Liability. If you employ another teacher, even a volunteer, to help you then Employers Liability insurance is mandatory under law.
  3. Legal Expenses Insurance. Typically, legal expenses insurance provides cover for accidents or disputes involving faulty goods or services. It can also cover tax investigations, Legal nuisance, trespass or intellectual property disputes.

The market for wellbeing instructors insurance is well established. There are several providers of Public Liability policies for wellbeing professionals.

Because each professionals’ insurance needs are varied, you may also need insurance for your equipment and studio. If you run classes at home, your home insurer must agree to its use as your studio. If they don’t agree you may need extra cover.

Employers Liability insurance is mandatory. The cost is usually driven by the nature of your business and the number of ‘employees’. Fortunately, most business insurance packages will wrap Public Liability and Employers Liability into one. Packaged cover makes administration easier, and costs are kept down.

As an additional cover – Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses cover protects you with financial support if you need to act against a supplier or protect your intellectual property. It also provides cover for your legal fees to defend you or your business against a claim.

What if I can’t work? can I protect my income?

Yes. As self-employed, you should consider protecting your earnings when you are injured or sick! There are Personal Accident plans and Income Protection policies that can act as your safety net.

How do I get a quote?

Apply online through our quote page but, remember to get a quote from more than one provider. We’re confident about our cover for wellbeing professionals but you should check!