What Is Public Liability Insurance?

A Brief Overview Of Public Liability Insurance.

What is public liability insurance? Simply put, it is a type of insurance available to businesses. It protects you when clients visit you at your premises and when you’re working at someone else’s. It’s designed to cover any costs that might result from a member of the public claiming to have been injured or had their property damaged due to something you did or didn’t do. These people could be customers, clients or even people like delivery drivers and other visitors. So again, what is public liability insurance? It isn’t compulsory, but it is an excellent idea. It helps with:

Legal Fees and Compensation

Public liability insurance covers the costs that you could face if someone brings a legal claim against you. This includes the cost of your legal defence or legal advice, as well as any money you might have to pay for a settlement. Even if you believe that you haven’t done anything wrong, you might spend a lot of money defending yourself. Lawyers don’t come cheap, so it’s best to have the protection that public liability offers – don’t leave it to chance.


One of the circumstances that your public liability insurance covers is if anyone claims to have been injured on your premises or has suffered an injury that they think is your fault. There are lots of ways that this could happen. For example, an employee leaves out some cardboard boxes and a customer trips over them. Someone could slip and fall while visiting your workplace. Or perhaps some work that you do for them in their home could lead to an injury. If someone claims that their injury is your fault, they might ask you to pay for things such as medical costs or the time when they couldn’t work.


Damaged Property

Another situation that you’re covered for when you have public liability insurance is if someone thinks you’ve damaged their property. This includes if someone’s possessions are stolen or even if their devices are damaged by connecting to your internet. You might find that a client makes a claim because they think it’s your fault that something of theirs went missing or perhaps that, when working on their premises, you damaged their property. It only needs to be a small scratch for someone to take objection and potentially blame you.

Protection Wherever You Do Your Work

Public liability insurance covers you no matter where you’re working. So, whether someone gets hurt while they’re on your premises or they think that you might have damaged some of their office furniture, your insurance can help you out and help you to cover any potential costs. Whether working in one place, travelling around or working in a client’s offices, you can ensure you’re protected. You even can insure as you go too meaning you only buy insurance on the days you actually need it.

So, what is public liability insurance? It’s your business’s protection and your safety net.