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Operating as a freelancer in the UK, you need to understand the world of insurance – this requires good freelancer tools. You need to know changes to laws and requirements, tech that could benefit you and the individuals who are shaping the future of insurance and coverage information. Here are fifteen blogs that you should check regularly to ensure you’re up to date on changes in the market.

  1. Insurance Business UK

Providing daily updates on the insurance industry, this caters to all business professionals. The blog also has a quarterly magazine.

  1. Policy Expert Insurance

As a freelancer, you might be operating from home. Policy Expert provides information on the latest changes to the home insurance market and posts two posts each week.

  1. YouTalk-insurance

A unique blog. Here you can gain an insight direct from insurance brokers as well as professionals. If you want an inside perspective of the insurance world, this is the place to be.

  1. The Insurance Octopus

This insurance business blog always provides insightful articles, updating their followers once a month with fresh content.

  1. Insurance Times

You can find the latest updates and news from the general insurance industry right here. It’s an ideal source for any business professional.

  1. Insurance Post

Insurance Post is an established, highly credible blog that provides critical information on the general insurance market in the UK. It is one of the most regularly updated blogs on this list.

  1. Bobatoo

Updated regularly, this blog will provide fresh information on the latest stats and reports that are rocking the insurance industry and could impact you as a freelancer.

  1. Rick Huckstep – Daily Fintech

A key player in the InsurTech and Blockchain, Rick Hustep operates in both the UK and Spain. If you are interested in the insurance technology shaping the industry, you find articles by him on Daily Fintech.


  1. Paolo Cuomo – Instech London

Operating as a consultant in the insurance and insurance tech industry, Paolo Cuomo is the co-convener of the Insurance Innovation Hub. You can find his opinions and articles on Instech London if you explore the ‘news’ sections of the site.

  1. Sabine Vanderlinden  – Startup Boot Camp

Sabine Vanderlinden co-edited The InsurTech book. Find her thoughts, opinions and articles on the Startup Boot Camp Blog

  1. The Insurance Emporium

Are you looking for advice on how to protect yourself when working as a freelancer? You might find the answers here. With around six posts a week, there’s always fresh advice and great new content.

  1. Quoteline Direct

Quoteline Direct provide a consumer blog, ideal for anyone that wants to keep a check on changes or news and views in the world of insurance.

  1. Life Happens

Life happens is a general and comprehensive blog, providing advice and information to business owners and general consumers. It’s updated with at least one post a month.

  1. Reassured

Reassured provides general information on their blog for those who need insurance coverage and explore the risks that you could face.

  1. First Blog

First’s blog provides key information on coverage and what could potentially lead to you facing a claim where you’ll need protection. While not updated regularly, the information provided could be incredibly valuable.