Key Small Business Influencers To Follow On Social Media

In The Business World Changes Happen, FAST. Stay Informed – Follow These Small Business Influencers.


Following the top small business influencers in the UK can help you get the advice or expertise to boost your business. Here are the top small business influencers today.

  1. Antonio Grasso

A digital transformation addict, Antonio Grasso is an influential speaker on everything from AI to Blockchain and cyber security.

  1. Michael Acton Smith

A leader in meditation spaces, Michael Acton Smith’s teachings could transform a company.

  1. Jim Riley

A Co-founder of tutor2u, a thriving online community that began as a small start-up.

  1. FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses, providing a voice for those self-employed.

  1. Mike Butcher

Editor of Techcrunch, Technology For the UK and Tech Hub.

  1. This Is Money

The UK’s best financial site, providing advice and opinions from experts.

  1. Margot James MP

The minister for the digital and creative industries – essential for those keeping a check on changes to government policies.

  1. Paul Lancaster

The founder of Plan Digital UK.

  1. Eileen Burbidge

An American venture capitalist, based in London and founding partner of Passion Capital.

  1. BBC Business

Providing the latest news and updates in the UK business world.

  1. Funding Circle

Providing funding solutions to investors and business owners.

  1. Gary Turner

Director, and founder of Xero, accounting software you need to know about.

  1. Emma Jones, MBE

The founder of the small business network Enterprise Nation, based in London.

  1. SmallBizSatUK

Promoting and helping inspire small businesses, key for networking opportunities.

  1. Russ Shaw

The founder of Tech London Advocates.

  1. Oli Barrett

Co-founder of Startup Britain and host of Entrepreneurs GB.

  1. PersonnelToday

The UK’s leading HR website, providing free-access.

  1. Insider Magazine

Providing all the Scottish business news and analysis you could ever need.

  1. Paul Andrews

Providing consultancy through AUK Global and a key tech entrepreneur.

  1. Mark Shaw

Providing business advice through The Anti Social Podcast.









    21. Business Matters

The UK’s largest business magazine for entrepreneurs and owners.

  1. Great British Entrepreneur

Follow for the latest news on Entrepreneur awards and achievements in the UK.

  1. Adrian Swinscoe

A top customer experience and service consultant.

  1. Small Business

Providing advice and tips for those starting a business.

  1. StartUp Britain

Pushing development for enterprises in the UK.

  1. Start Up Donut

Offering resources and advice for small businesses.

  1. Stephen Fear

A key entrepreneur with insightful information on various industries.

  1. Lara Morgan

A top motivational speaker providing crucial advice to business owners.

  1. The FPB

Offers support and advice to UK SME businesses.

  1. TweetUrBizuk – Joh

Promotes tweets by John T and John L for small business.

  1. Kevin Basham

A seven figure entrepreneur and host of UK top Crypto and Blockchain podcast.

  1. Voom Poioneers

A community to celebrate small business founders.

  1. Joanne Dewberry

A small business blogger and host of Biz Expert.

  1. Bryan Adams

A speaker and CEO found for Ph Creative.

  1. Ameliasgrotto

A small business owner with keen insight for SMEs.

  1. Naomi Timperley

A TED speaker and co-founder of Tech North Advocates.

  1. Women On Boards UK

Focused on improving the number of women in boardrooms.

  1. Jane Frankland

A cybersecurity, entrepreneur and speak as well as a top 20 market influencer.

  1. Freelance Hub UK

Top resource for Freelancer’s to find employers

  1. Growth Business

Offering advice on how to find entrepreneurial success.

  1. Karl Foxley

A digital marketer, website designer and blogger.

  1. Business Advice

A great resource for UK’s thriving micro businesses.

  1. Rob Nunn

Chairman and CEO of Digital Yearbook Page. Also a government special advisor.

  1. GrowthBusiness

Provides news about entrepreneurs, UK venture capital and growth companies.

  1. Shaa Wasmund MBE

A best selling author and online educator.

  1. Dotty Directory

Providing promotion for small and medium sized businesses.

  1. BizBritain

Provides access to specialist finance and investors for business owners.

  1. Moorepay

A leading supplier of HR and payroll solutions, useful to various businesses.

  1. Julie Kent

Online business consultant providing key advice on running a company online.

  1. The Strategyman

Mixes business with adventure and is the founder of Strategy On a Page.

  • It’s also worth following Tapoly of course.