Why No Insurance Is An Employer’s Liability

Having No Employer’s Liability Insurance Is Simply NOT An Option.


If you run a business that employs a team of staff, it’s imperative that you have Employer’s Liability insurance. This type of plan essentially covers your business should an employee file a claim against the company after sustaining an injury at work. Unfortunately, operating without employer’s liability insurance could lead to very serious ramifications – even if you believe the risks are minimal.

Here’s why protecting employees with Employer’s Liability insurance is your responsibility, alongside what could happen if you ignore it.

No Insurance Is Breaking The Law

Aside from being a smart idea for a whole host of reasons, having Employer’s Liability Insurance in place is a legal requirement for every UK business that employs people. This has been the case since The Employer’s Liability Act 1969. Companies should also be covered for a minimum of £5 million.

Many bigger companies find that they need to increase that level of cover to be on the safe side. However, if you don’t have at least £5 million covered, your business is essentially breaking the law.  If a problem does surface, the law will not be on your side. Skipping this responsibility simply isn’t an option. After all, the future of your company depends on it.

No Insurance Is A Disservice To Employees

As the boss, you always have a human responsibility to take care of your team. While preventing injuries should always be the priority, protecting them with the right insurance package is equally crucial. Until you do, you’re a very bad boss indeed. Sorry.

Employer’s Liability insurance provides a financial safety net for your employees as well as the company itself. Moreover, it shows that you have a genuine commitment to the staff, which can aid employee productivity and boost motivation. Ultimately, if you ignore the need to put this insurance in place, you are asking for HR-related problems.

No Insurance Will Cost More In The Long Run

Should a claim be made and you don’t have insurance in place, the resulting procedure – as well as any verdict – could cost your business dearly. Therefore, operating without Employer’s Liability insurance is a constant risk that your business just cannot afford to take.


Moreover, you should know that breaking the UK business laws in this manner can result in hefty fines. In fact, you could be fined up to £2,500 for every single day that you’re not covered. Given that your insurance quote won’t be anywhere near that figure, it’s a decision that will serve your financial interests too. Do not forget it for a second.

Putting Employer’s Liability Insurance In Place

Employer’s Liability insurance is a legal requirement that will also serve the business and its employees extremely well. Whether your operation is already up and running or you’re in the process of launching the venture, it’s never too early to start thinking about your premium.

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