Why it Makes Sense to Include Public Liability insurance as Part of Your Business Insurance

Freelancers, the self-employed and small businesses tend to operate on a low cost, time efficient and flexible basis. This means that insurance is not always at the top of their priority list. However, having adequate cover in place will give you peace of mind and can come in handy if something adverse happens and you need to make a claim.

As a self employed freelancer you work for yourself and therefore it is very easy to think of yourself as an individual rather than a business. However, the reality is that all the risks associated with the work you do in a professional capacity fall squarely and solely on your shoulders. This includes any accidental damage or bodily injuries to third parties that happen on your premises, whether you are working from an office or your home.

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What Protection Does Public Liability Insurance Provide?

Public Liability insurance protects you if you are being sued by a customer or client who is injured, has an accident or damages their possessions or property while on your premises. For example, if a client is injured because the floor at your premises was slippery or there were not proper safety measures put in place, public liability insurance will cover you. It also protects you if you damage something belonging to them while you are visiting their premises. If they sue you as a result, it covers your legal costs and any financial compensation awarded.

Public Liability insurance protects customers at your offices and also protects you when you’re visiting third parties

When every penny counts, having the right cover is a worthwhile investment and a smart move. It means you’re financially protected if you are presented with a bill for damages for thousands of pounds. Irrespective of whether it was your fault or not.

If you work from home and have limited or minimal face-to-face interaction with your clients, you may not think you need Public Liability Insurance, especially when you compare yourself to those with an office where clients are met regularly. While it’s important to understand whether Public Liability Insurance is relevant to you, make sure you also understand the consequences of not protecting yourself and your business with Public Liability Insurance.

Public Liability Insurance is More Affordable Than You Might Think

This is the best bit! You can add Public Liability insurance for just a small additional cost when you buy your Professional Indemnity Insurance from Tapoly. Just like many of our insurance products, there is no need to buy an annual policy – you choose how long you need the cover for and pay only for what you need, when you need it.

This is particularly useful if you take on a contract that requires you to have Public Liability Insurance in place. The flexibility of our on-demand products means that you can take on those contracts without having to tie yourself in to an unnecessarily lengthy policy. After all, it may be that you only need the cover for the duration of the contract, which may or may not be twelve months. It’s Public Liability Insurance tailored to your needs, not ours.

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